How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

All hair extensions require specific care. Neglect can lead to tangling, finally lead to damage. Hair extensions require time and care. How to care for your set of hair extensions? Come on! Follow my guidelines, you will find the answere.

First, you should prepare material as below.

  1. Wide tooth comb

  2. Washbasin

  3. Towel

  4. Bracket for your hair extensions

  5. Pureology shampoo

  6. Pureology conditioners

  7. Non oily nursing liquid

First Step:

Comb throught your hair thoroughtly before shampoo. Fist hair end , then middle , last hair head. Gently and patiently during the whole time.

Second Step:

Prepare shampoo liquid with percentage 1 shampoo :10 water. Drop your hair extensions into shampoo liquid. Keep inside about 15min. Make sure soak fully. During the soak, you can wave the hair extension gently. Then rinse with clean water.

Third Step:

Rub the conditioner into your hand to spread it out. Conditioner your hair from hair middle to end. After full conditioner, wait 15min, then rinse with clean water. Be careful, make sure rinse very well, it is very important.

Forth Step:

Dry your hair with a towel. Be careful, don’t rub your hair with towel.

Then Bracket your hair and dry by airing.

Fifth Step:

Spray your extensions with Non oily nursing liquid before you wear up. Comb your extension if straight, or just adjust with your hand for other styles.

Note: In normal condition, wash your hair one time per week. depending on how oily or sweaty your hair is. Wash immediately after swimming, spa, and exercise.